Do you take on the role of fashion mogul in your inner circle? Were you voted Most Fashionable in high school? Are you an early adopter of the most lusted after style trends? If you answered ‘YES!’ to any of these questions, you fit the identity of the INFLUENTIAL persona. A true trendsetter to the core, the INFLUENTIAL babe’s intuition is her favorite superpower. She can wear just about anything and look fabulous, but the following SOLUNA styles look best: Lurex, Rust, and Afternoon Tea.

  • Influencer Crush
  • Date
    Harry Styles
  • Plans
    Dancing + Late night bites
  • Workout
    Kick Boxing
  • Beverage
    Dirty Martini
  • Escape
    New York, Bondi
  • Must-Haves
    Black mascara, gold highlight, battery pack